With Premium access, you not only have access to music that has been assigned by your teacher but also any music found on the Find Music page. Premium access is either provided by your teacher or by purchasing a Premium subscription. Premium subscriptions are currently only available for purchase by students who have already enrolled in a class.


Log into Your Profile page appears. If you have not been given a Premium seat by your teacher and would like to purchase one, select billing site or request a parent or guardian purchase it for you




Selecting billing site directs you to the Premium Upgrade page. Enter your billing information and select Continue to Payment




Selecting request a parent or guardian purchase it for you directs you to a new page. Here, enter your parent or guardian's email address and select Send Request




Your parent or guardian receives an email requesting them to purchase a subscription. Select PURCHASE PREMIUM.




The Premium Upgrade page appears. Your parent or guardian can enter their billing information and select Continue to Payment


Order Details are listed for the subscription. Enter your information in the Payment Method and select Complete Purchase




Once the transaction is processed, the order confirmation page appears and a confirmation email is sent to you and your parent or guardian. When you are ready, select Start Exploring or select Find Music after you have logged in to start browsing the SmartMusic library.