You can re-enroll students into your new classes from current classes or from classes in the previous academic year. Re-enroll your returning students, or students that were recently in a different SmartMusic class to save you and your students time. New students will still have to be added to your class


PLAY Plus seats allocated by the organization are maintained throughout the re-enrollment process. If a TEACH seat has been allocated to the student from a different class, that seat is maintained until the original class has been archived. If the student has not been allocated a TEACH seat and they are re-enrolling in a Premium Class, they will be allocated a TEACH seat. If a student has been removed from a class, they cannot be re-enrolled into that class. 


If you are connected to multiple SmartMusic platforms, it is not possible to enroll students across platforms through this process. See Connecting to multiple SmartMusic platforms (Students & Hobbyists) for more information.


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Step 1: view your class details.


Log into your teacher account at Select Classes. If you haven't already, select Create TEACH Class or Create TEACH Free Class to start the class creation process. If you have already created a class, select Students




A list of students in the selected class appears. Select Enroll Previous Students.





Step 2: select students to enroll.


Select the Enroll Previous Students button. The Enroll Previous Students page appears. Use the Class drop-down menu to choose a previously created class and use the checkboxes to select previously enrolled students. Both active and archived classes and students are displayed. When you have finished selecting students, select plus.png




The Students To Be Re-Enrolled number is updated and a list of students for your class appears. If needed, use the Class drop-down menu to choose another class and enroll additional students. 




To remove a student from the list, use the checkboxes and click the minus.png button. 




When you are finished, click the Finish Re-Enrollment button. 





After you have enrolled previous students into your new class, you need to add new students to the class. Once that is finished, you can setup your Grading Calendar for your class and create assignments.