View the amount of time you spend practicing assignments and exploring content using SmartMusic's Practice Analysis.


To view the Practice Analysis for your class, click Analysis from the Home page. 




Or, click the Open Practice Analysis button in the Practice Analysis deck. 




The Practice Analysis page appears. The information in the Practice Analysis is populated after 24 hours. SmartMusic starts tracking practice time as soon as the play or record button is clicked. See Playing and practicing music




Use the Select A Class drop-down menu and the Dates radio buttons to display different results in the Time Spent Playing Or Recording Over Selected Dates section. By default, All is selected in the Classes section. 




The Time Spent Playing Or Recording Over Selected Dates section displays practice time for the selected filters. The infographics are displayed by Assignments, Exploration, and Combined categories.




These categories are broken down further by content in the Assigned Content Opened Over Selected Dates and Exploration Content Opened Over Selected Dates sections.