If you are connected as a TEACH Educator, you can pin a method book to any of your classes (regardless of whether they are TEACH or TEACH Free). All students in those classes can access that method book outside of their assignments, even if they have not been allocated a PLAY Plus seat. Note: TEACH Free educators do not have access to this feature.




Step 1: select Tools from the Home page or the Gradebook.


To pin a method book to your class, mouse over your class on the Home page under Class & Student Management and click Tools.




The Class Details page appears. You can also get there by selecting Gradebook > choosing a class from the drop-down menu > and clicking Tools.





Step 2: select a method book to be pinned to your class.


Click Method Book > plus.png.




Select a method book from the drop-down menu.




Click Save to pin it to your class.




If you need to pin a different method book instead, click Reset.




The Method Book Deletion dialog box appears. Click Confirm to delete the method book from your class. 




Use the steps above to select a new method book. Students in your class can use Find Music to find and open the method book you pinned.