Repertoire in the MakeMusic Cloud Music Catalog may be available in either the Interactive or Digital Sheet Music formats.


The availability of repertoire will vary both in format and functionality depending on the title.


Interactive titles Interactive.png

  • Can be played back with My Part and Accompaniment in the Practice App.
  • Can be automatically assessed for pitch and rhythm in the Practice App.
  • Can be assigned to students by teachers.
  • Automatically adjust layout to optimize display for your screen size.
  • Titles from selected publishers can be printed (with print add-ons).
  • Do not offer full scores.


Digital Sheet Music titles Print.png

  • View-only PDF's of sheet music as engraved by the publisher.
  • Available for printing (with print add-ons).
  • Many titles offer full conductor scores.
  • Not available for assignments or in the Practice App for assessment.


Searching the Music Catalog by Format


The Music Catalog search can be filtered by Interactive or Digital.




If a title is available in both formats, you can switch to the other format by choosing a title and selecting the Details tab.




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