Teachers can edit an assignment’s student list from their Gradebook. Click the pencil icon for the assignment and choose Edit timeline and students. Then choose Assign to some students to see the list of students who are included on the assignment. (See Editing the due dates and selected students for existing assignments for full details.)


Typically, the Assign To Your Students page will indicate which students are currently selected for the assignment by displaying an orange box in the Assigned column. Unfortunately, there is currently an issue on this page. When it initially opens, it will appear as if none of the students are selected, and this causes an issue when attempting to add or remove students. Until we are able to fix this issue, the following steps are a temporary workaround that will allow you to add/remove students.

  1. In the gradebook, click the pencil icon for the assignment and choose Edit timeline and students.
  2. Choose Assign to some students.
  3. *Key workaround step: the first time the student list appears, click the Cancel button.
  4. Next to Assign to some students, you'll see that the blue text updated to show 0 selected. Click the blue text to bring up the student list again.
  5. This time, select all students to receive the assignment. (Select all students who you want to be included—both those who already had it and those who are being added. Leave deselected any students you want to remove from the assignment. Be careful—removing a student who has already submitted will delete their submission.)
  6. Click Add students.
  7. A dialog box appears, showing the number of students being added or removed. If the number is accurate, click OK.
  8. Click the blue arrow at the top-right corner to finalize the changes.



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