We offer two completely separate products, SmartMusic and SmartMusic Classic. SmartMusic isn’t just an update to SmartMusic Classic; it’s an all-new product with new benefits, as well as many of the great features in the Classic product. For a breakdown of the primary differences between SmartMusic and SmartMusic Classic, you can visit this chart.


One major difference between the two is in the way that each product is accessed. SmartMusic is accessed within your Google Chrome web browser. SmartMusic Classic is an application that is downloaded and installed on your computer. 


The two products are also purchased separately. Educators can find pricing for SmartMusic Classic at our MakeMusic Online Store, and pricing for SmartMusic by contacting our Sales team from our SmartMusic website.


This Help Center is for SmartMusic. If you are using SmartMusic Classic, please visit the MakeMusic Help Center instead for support with that product.