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Step 1: select an assignment that is ready to be graded.


After your student submits an assignment, it appears under Assignments To Be Graded on the Home page. 




Mouse over an assignment and click Grade.  




Optional: Click See all to view all submitted assignments. The Gradebook page appears.




This page can also be opened by clicking Gradebook. Use the Select a Class drop-down menu to choose the appropriate class. 




A list of students, assignments, and grades appear.


Optional: Use the Filter By Grading Period drop-down menu to narrow your results. Assignments will appear in the grading period that they are due. See Creating or using an existing Grading Calendar for more information.




Use the legend in the right corner to find Submitted. Click any of the blue tiles to select a student's assignment to grade. 





Step 2: review the submitted assignment.


The Grade Students page appears. Details about the submitted assignment appear to the left of the music. SmartMusic assesses accuracy of both pitch and rhythm in the student's performance and automatically provides an Assessment Grade for you. In the music, green noteheads indicate that the correct pitch was played at the correct time. Red noteheads indicate incorrect timing or pitch. The vertical placement of a red notehead on the staff indicates the pitch that was played. 


If your assignment has a repeat, click anywhere within the repeat to view the assessment. The one_and_two.png icon appears. Click one.png to display the assessment for the first repeat and two.png to display the assessment for the second repeat. The selected icon turns yellow and the green and red notes change to reflect the selected repeat. 




Use the controls above the music to speed up or slow down the tempo, zoom in or out, and change pages. When you're ready, click playback_recording.png to listen to your student's submission. 




If your student added comments while submitting their assignment, they appear under Submission Comments




If you need to reassign this to your student, click the Reassign button. Click Grade to begin grading the assignment. See Reassigning a submitted assignment for more information. 



Step 3: grade the assignment.


The Grading Controls appear.




The Assessment Grade is automatically generated. To enter values for the remaining criteria, click on the numerical value next to the criterion and type in the grade, use the green dots to select a level from a created Criteria, or click the Grade button. Manually grade the assignment based on whether you selected Single or Multiple in the Create Your Rubric page. To change the Assessment Grade or grade for another criterion, click on the numerical value next to the criterion and type in the grade. The Overall Grade is automatically totaled up. Add any comments you would like to send to the student in the Comments text box.  




When you are finished grading the assignment, click Validate Grading.



Step 4: confirm the grade.


The status of the assignment changes from SUBMITTED to ACCEPTED




If there are multiple students that have submitted the same assignment, click next_button.png to grade the next student. When you have reached the last submitted assignment, click check_button.png to return to the Home page. 


The graded assignment appears on the Home page of the student's account under My Graded Assignments. The student can mouse over the assignment and click on Review to review the grade and any comments you added. If you have created a Grading Scale that matches a grade name (e.g. A-, S, etc.) to a point percentage, the student also sees the grade name for each individual graded assignment while reviewing it.


As a teacher, you can review the grades in the Gradebook. If you find that you need to make changes to the grade, select the tile that you would like to review and start the grading process again.