New students can enroll in your class using the unique class code that was generated after you created your class. Read the steps below to learn how to add students to your class. If you would like to add previously enrolled students to your class, click here


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Step 1: find your class code.


Log into your teacher account at Select Classes. A list of existing classes for your school appears. Your class code is under the Code column, next to your class name. Share this code with your students. 




Alternatively, this code can also be found by clicking Students in the Manage Classes page and viewing the class details. 





Step 2: send students your class code and the link to join.


To join your class, your students need to go to, enter your class code, and click Next.




If they don't have an account, they should click Join & Create Account and follow the instructions on-screen. If they already have an account and are not logged in, they should click Join & Log In. If they are already logged in, they automatically join the class. Please note that this is an entirely new platform, and their Classic SmartMusic account does not carry over. Click here for more information.




Important note: You should NOT join your own class with your teacher account. SmartMusic does not yet handle two roles at the same time, although it will soon!



Step 3 (Optional): ask students to add a Recovery Email when creating their account.


When creating an account or editing their user profile, your students have the option to add a Recovery Email. If they forget their password and do not have access to the primary email address on their account, they can send a password reset email to their Recovery Email address. When they reset their password on the login page, the password reset email is sent to both their primary email address and their Recovery Email address. 


If you'd like the option to change your students' account passwords for them, you can ask your students to add your own email address in the Recovery Email field.







After your students join your class, you need to setup your Grading Calendar for your class. Once that is finished, you can create assignments and grade them.