A class provides the platform that enables you to communicate with and teach your students using SmartMusic. Set up a class so that you can create assignments for your students, grade assignments and include targeted feedback. Through classes, you gain access to the tools in SmartMusic that help you achieve, track, and present student growth.


To create a class, go to your Home page. Click on the Create A New Class button under Class & Student Management.




Alternatively, log into and select Classes. The Manage Classes page appears. Click Create TEACH Class or Create TEACH Free Class, depending on the type of access you would like to give your students. See Upgrading or downgrading a class




The Create A Class page appears. Enter your class name, teacher display name, the last date that students can join (if applicable), and select the class type. Click the Create button to finish creating the class.




The details of your newly created class appear.





Invite new and previously enrolled students to join your class by following the instructions in our Adding students to your class and Enrolling previous students into your class articles.