To get started as a student in SmartMusic, you need to join a class and create an account. First, ask your teacher for your class code. The Class Code is in this format: XXXXX-XXXXX.



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Step 1: join your class.



Once you have your Class Code from your teacher go to and click Join a class.




Or, go to

Enter your email address and your Class Code. A green check green_check.pngwill appear when you enter a valid Email and Class Code. Click Continue.




The Class, SmartMusic Platform, and Educator associated with that Class Code appear. If the class information is correct, click Confirm And Join This Class




The Let's Get Your Account Set Up! window appears. If you entered the wrong email address click Go Back to edit the email address for your SmartMusic account. If your email address is correct click Continue.





Step 2: create your account.



After you click Continue, the Let's Get Started page appears, asking if you are 13 or older (in accordance with the COPPA rule). 




The SmartMusic Terms of Service agreement appears. After you are finished reading the SmartMusic Terms of Service agreement, indicate whether or not you agree to the terms of service and click next_button.png.




The Enter Your Account Information page appears. Fill out your account information. A green check green_check.png will appear to indicate that the Username and Password fields have been verified. Click next_button.png to continue.




The Set Your Backup Email page appears. The following page is optional. Click next_button.png or No thanks, skip this step to advance. 


If you forget your password and do not have access to the primary email address on your account, you can send a password reset email to your Backup Email address. When you reset your password on the login page, the password reset email is sent to both your primary email address and your Backup Email address.




Use the drop-down menus to select a preferred instrument. You must select a Primary Instrument, a Secondary Instrument is optional. Click next_button.png.




Verify your Country and Timezone and click next_button.png.




A confirmation page appears. You are sent an email to activate your account.





Step 3: activate your account.



Open the Welcome to SmartMusic activation email. Click CONFIRM EMAIL to activate your account. In the event that you cannot receive outside emails, do not worry. Your teacher will be able to activate your account.




The Log In page appears. Enter your Username or Email and Password to get started!




After you have joined your class, you can complete your assignments.