After your students enter your class code and create accounts using these steps, they are each sent a confirmation email that asks them to activate their account. If any of your students do not have access to the email address they entered during account creation, you can confirm their accounts for them instead.


Log into your teacher account at Select Classes. The Manage Classes page appears. Click the Students button for the appropriate class. 




From this page, you can enroll students, view how PLAY Plus seats are allocated, view student details, and remove students. Click Pending to view students who have not activated their accounts. You will be notified of how many student accounts are pending by the red badge. 




Click Approve to activate an individual student's account for them. If you would like to activate all of the pending accounts listed for the current class, click Would you like to approve all student accounts at once?.




If you have selected Would you like to approve all student accounts at once?, a confirmation dialog box appears. Click Cancel to return to the Enroll Students page or click Approve All Student Accounts.




Approved students are moved to your Active list and can log into SmartMusic to get started.