A Grading Scale is used to match grade names (A-, S, etc.) to a point percentage. When you grade SmartMusic assignments, the percentage of points achieved by a student is calculated, and then the corresponding grade label that you’ve specified for that percentage within the Grading Scale is applied. Students reviewing their graded assignments see an overall grade from your Grading Scale for their individual assignments. 


It is recommended that a Grading Scale is added to a class before new assignments are created, but the scale can also be added or edited at any time. Grading Scales are customizable, and can be created to fit the grading scale used in your school, or the specific feedback needs of the students within a certain class. Once a Grading Scale has been created for one of your classes, it can easily be used for another. 


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Step 1: select Tools from the Home page or Gradebook.


After you have created your class, you can create a Grading Scale for that class. To do this, mouse over your class on the Home page under Class & Student Management and select Tools.




The Class Details page appears. You can also get there by selecting Gradebook > choosing a class from the drop-down menu > and clicking Tools.





Step 2: enter a name for your Grading Scale.


Select Grading Scale and click Create A New Scale. Enter a Scale Name





Step 3: define each grade label for your Grading Scale.


Under the Grade column, type in the first label for your highest grade (e.g. A, S, etc.). Under the From column, enter the percentage threshold for that grade (i.e. the lowest percentage with which a student can achieve the matching grade).




In the above picture, students that earn 97%-100% of the available points will receive an A+. Next, enter the label for your second-highest grade. If there are more than two grade labels and you need to edit the percentage threshold for your second-highest grade, click plus.png.




Enter the percentage threshold for the second-highest grade label, and enter the label for your next-highest grade.  




Continue in this process until your Grading Scale is complete.



Step 4: save your Grading Scale. 


Once it is complete, click Save.




If you need to delete a grade label, click the label's Delete Grade button. If you need to delete the entire grading scale, click Delete Scale





Step 5 (Optional): use an existing Grading Scale for another class. 


After you have selected Tools from the Home page or Gradebook, select Grading Scale and click Import And Copy An Existing Scale.




Use the Select A Scale To Import drop-down menu to select an existing Grading Scale. The Grading Scale appears. 




Click Save to use the Grading Scale for the selected class.