As with any other piece of content, you can assign exercises to your students. However, with exercises you can specify the concert pitch key to be applied to each exercise assignment. Here's how it works:


Jump to:




Step 1: select the Exercises tile.


On the Home page, select the Exercises tile.





Step 2: find and select the exercise.


Select an exercise type and click Assign. The Movement drop-down menu appears with a list of exercises. Select the exercise you would like to assign, and click Assign





Step 3: add the general information for the exercise.


The Let's Set Up Your Assignment page of the Assigner appears, where you can name your assignment, select an assignment type, and enter general instructions for the assignment. Click on the Select An Assignment Type drop-down menu to choose Custom Assignment. Once you have specified any instructions, click next_button.png.  





Step 4: customize your parts and select a key for the exercise.


The Customize Your Parts page appears. In addition to being able to edit the same parts parameters of an assignment, a Key tab appears below the sheet music for your exercise. Click Key and use the Concert Pitch drop-down menu to select the key of the exercise. 




If you want to copy instructional elements from this part to one or more other parts, click on Copy underneath the currently selected instrument's name in the Instrument Panel. Select the parameters you want to copy in the Elements drop-down menu (choose All to automatically select all instructional elements for copying). Select the parts you'd like to copy these instructional elements to in the Part drop-down menu. Select Copy And Close to copy your selected instructional elements from this part to your selected other parts.




The Assigner displays a preview of how the exercise will look for your students, including those with transposing instruments. Click next_button.png when you are finished customizing your parts. 




Follow the same steps in the Assignment creation article to finish editing the parameters for your exercise. 



What about my students?


When your students open the assignment, they see the exercise in the proper concert key.




If they try to change the key and record, they are warned that they will not be able to submit their assignment.




Students can easily go back to the initial setup through a pop-up window.