In the new SmartMusic, you can import your own content from MIDI, MXL, XML, and MusicXML files to create assignments for students. You can use Finale, Musescore, Sibelius, or any other notation program to export these types of files.


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Step 1: export your notation files.


Export an entire score from your notation program of choice. 


  • In Finale, select File > Export > MusicXML or MIDI File and select your destination folder. 
  • In Musescore, select File > Export and select MusicXML File, Compressed MusicXML File, or Standard MIDI File from the Save as type drop-down menu. Select your destination folder. 
  • In Sibelius, select File > Export > MusicXML and choose Compressed (*.mxl) or Uncompressed (*.xml) or select File > Export > MIDI. Select your destination folder.



Step 2: create a new Book in the new SmartMusic.


SmartMusic allows you to upload multiple scores and compile them into one Book. On your Dashboard page, look for the My Recently Uploaded Content deck and select Upload New Content.




Or, select the Navigation Icon nav_icon_dashboard.png and choose Upload Music.




The Add Basic Information page appears. Enter the required fields for the Book you would like to create. The cover image is automatically generated based on the Categories and Genres drop-down menus. If you would like to use your own cover, select Edit Cover to upload an image. When you are finished defining your Book, select Save Changes




The Edit Your Book page appears. Confirm the details of your Book. If you need to make any changes, select Edit Basic Information. Select new_next_button.png to create your Book. 




Step 3: upload your scores to your book.


The Add Movements page appears. A Movement is an individual score. You can add multiple scores to a Book. Name your Movement and select Create movement




Select Add Music to begin the upload process. 




The Importer appears. Select Upload a Score to select a .mid, .mxl, .xml, or .musicxml file from your computer. 




The file is uploaded and a confirmation message appears. Select Go to verify the instrumentation. 





Step 4: verify the instrumentation.


The Staff properties appear and a part is highlighted in the music. Confirm the instrumentation by selecting OK or select Edit to make changes. 




If Edit has been selected, use the drop-down menus to select a different instrument or use the text fields to edit the staff name. Select Cancel to hide these additional drop-down menus. Select Change to save your edits and then OK to confirm the Staff properties of the next instrument in the score. 




Once all instruments have been selected, a confirmation page is displayed. Here, you can playback your score using Garritan sounds, start the assignment process, open a part in SmartMusic, or Select Exit to return to the Add Movements page.





Step 5: add another movement. 


After selecting Exit in the Importer, the Add Movements page appears. A list of parts is displayed for the uploaded Movement. Select Add Movement to upload another score to your book.  




Follow the previous steps to upload the score and verify information. When you have finished uploading your Movements, select check.png to create your Book. Your Book appears in the My Recently Uploaded Content deck on the Dashboard





Step 6 (Optional): make changes to your Book.


If you need to edit or delete an existing Movement, hover over your Book in the My Recently Uploaded Content deck and select Edit




The Edit Your Book page appears. Select Edit Basic Information to make changes. Select new_next_button.png to confirm the information. 




The Add Movements page appears. Select Edit Music to make changes to your score, Edit Name to change the title of the Movement, or Delete Movement to remove the Movement from your Book.




If Delete Movement is selected, a dialog box appears asking you to confirm your choice. Select Yes to confirm deletion and select No to return to the Add Movements page. 




Select Close to return to the Add Movements page. 




Select check.png to save your changes.