If the details of the book you have created using MusicXML files need to be changed, you can edit the details of the book or delete it using the Content Importer.


Option 1: You can quickly edit your four latest uploaded books on your homepage through the My Recently Uploaded Content deck, by clicking on the Edit button. 




The Create Your Book page appears. When you are finished making changes, click next_button.png to make changes in the Import Your Content page. See Uploading your MusicXML files for details. 




Option 2: Click on the Uploaded Content tile. The Find Music page appears with results for Uploaded content. 




Find your book (you can use filters) and check the details of the content. Click Edit to change any details in the Create Your Book page or click Delete




If the book has already been used for an assignment, a warning message appears to prevent you from deleting the book. Delete the assignment and try to the delete the book again. 




If the book isn't being used for an assignment, click the Delete This Book button to complete the process.