The platform management tools in the SmartMusic Admin portal allow Administrators and Educators to manage their SmartMusic platform by allocating and deallocating their paid seats.


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TEACH Educator seats


  • A platform Administrator allocates a TEACH Educator seat to a currently unconnected teacher on the Educators page by selecting Invite New Educator and selecting TEACH. See make yourself an educator or invite others to connect as an educator
  • A platform Administrator allocates a TEACH Educator seat to a currently connected teacher on the Educators page by selecting TEACH under the Access Type column. 
  • A platform Administrator deallocates a TEACH Educator seat from a currently TEACH Educator on the Educators page by selecting Free under the Access Type column, or by archiving an educator from the platform. See Archiving an educator



TEACH Student seats


  • An Educator allocates one or more TEACH Student seats on the Classes page by creating a premium class and sharing the class code with the students. The seat is not allocated until the student joins the premium class. Remember that if a student is already enrolled in another premium class on the SmartMusic platform, the student will not consume an additional seat. See Creating a class and Adding students to your class
  • An Educator deallocates one or more TEACH student seats on the Classes page by either downgrading the class itself, or by removing a student from the class’ student list (assuming that student is not also enrolled in another premium class). See Removing a student from a class
  • An Educator deallocates all TEACH Student seats within a class (assuming that students are not also enrolled in another premium class) by archiving the class using the Classes page. See Archiving a class



PLAY Plus seats


An Administrator or Educator can allocate a PLAY Plus seat to a connected student.


Log into and select Classes. The Classes page appears. Select Students to view a list of your active students. 




The Enroll Students page appears. The PLAY Plus Allocation section displays how many PLAY Plus seats you have allocated and how many you have available. If you do not have enough PLAY Plus seats available for your students, select Add PLAY Plus Seats to contact our Sales Team. Select Allocate All to set every students' status in the current class to Yes in the PLAY Plus Status column and give them access to premium content.




Select Deallocate All to remove PLAY Plus seats from all of the students in the current class and set the students' PLAY Plus Status to No. To allocate or deallocate individual PLAY Plus seats select No and Yes under the PLAY Plus Status column.




PLAY Plus seats can also be deallocated by removing a student from a class or archiving a class, assuming they are enrolled in no other class (free or premium).