Through the SmartMusic Admin portal, your organization's Administrators and Teachers can manage the number of TEACH educator seats, TEACH student seats, and PLAY Plus seats purchased.


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Organization seat types


  • TEACH educator seats
    • This is the number of teachers in the organization who can create premium classes. 
  • TEACH student seats
    • This is the number of students in the organization who can join premium classes, but do not have premium PLAY access. Note that once a student has premium TEACH access, they can join any number of premium classes and still only use one TEACH student seat.
  • PLAY Plus seats
    • This is the number of students in the organization who can both join premium classes and have premium PLAY access.



Allocation and deallocation


Platform Administrators and Teachers are responsible for allocating their organization’s paid seats. The action of allocation simply refers to specifying which user connected to the organization uses a paid seat, and can occur either manually or automatically.


  • An Administrator allocates TEACH educator seats to teachers, either automatically when inviting the teacher to join the organization or manually after the teacher has already joined.
  • A Teacher or Administrator allocates TEACH student seats and PLAY Plus seats to students, either automatically by having students join a premium class or manually by assigning the seat, respectively.


In addition, organization admins and teachers are responsible for deallocating seats, that is, freeing a currently in-use seat. Like allocation, this can happen manually, as when a single user is removed or their access type is changed, or automatically, as when a class is switched from premium to free, affecting the students in that class.


Click here to learn how to allocate and deallocate seats.





Q: What is the difference between TEACH and PLAY?


A: TEACH refers to using content in the context of an assignment. PLAY refers to using content outside of an assignment.


Q: What is platform management?


A: Allocation, deallocation, and purchasing additional seats as needed constitute the management of the organization’s platform.


Q: What changed in regards to access with the release of the platform management tools?


A: Before the release, all users had premium PLAY access, regardless of what they had purchased. With the release of the platform management tools, we stopped automatically granting premium PLAY access to every user. Before the release, we also did not limit the number of premium TEACH educators and classes based on the organization’s platform, or the number of students able to join premium TEACH classes. We added these limits based on the number of seats the organization has purchased. Lastly, before the release, a teacher’s access (TEACH or TEACH Free) could not be changed. We added the ability to change a teacher's access.


Q:  How does TEACH Free access work?


A: Teachers and students who connect to an organization as TEACH Free do not consume any of the paid seats in an organization, but are only able to access the limited free content. There is no limit to the number of teachers and students who can connect to an organization as TEACH Free.


Q: How do I figure out how many premium TEACH student seats my organization has?


A: An important consideration when figuring how many premium TEACH student seats an organization has is that a student who has been allocated a PLAY Plus seat does not also use a TEACH student seat, since the PLAY Plus seat includes premium TEACH access. Therefore, the net total TEACH student seats in an organization’s platform is the sum of their TEACH student seats and their PLAY Plus seats; this is the total number of students who can join premium classes in that organization.


Q: Is there any allowance for users joining an organization as TEACH premium beyond the organization’s platform seat limits?


A: There is no allowance for additional TEACH premium teachers over an organization’s paid TEACH educator seats. We do, however, allow for a temporary TEACH student overage of ~5-10% at the discretion of our Sales team. In the future, we will have a mechanism in place so that once the overage exceeds a certain percentage, no further students are allowed to join the organization with premium TEACH access.


Q: If the number of students with premium TEACH access in an organization exceeds that organization’s number of PLAY Plus seats, how are allocations determined?


A: Platform Administrators and/or Teachers have to manually allocate their PLAY Plus and TEACH student seats to cover all students in premium classes. We want to leave that determination to the discretion of the organization, rather than automatically allocating seats on the organization's behalf.


Q: What happens to students in a premium (TEACH) class when it is downgraded to a TEACH Free class?


A: After a premium class is "downgraded" to a free class, students in that class are switched to TEACH Free and no longer use the organization’s TEACH student seats (unless they are also enrolled in another premium class). The teacher will no longer be able to assign new premium assignments to these students, until the student is allocated either a TEACH student seat or a PLAY Plus seat. However, these students still have access to any premium assignments that were created and assigned when that class was premium. Likewise, if a teacher rejects a student’s submission on a premium assignment, the student will still be able to re-open that premium assignment and submit another take.


Q: What about late enrollments?


A: Recently or late enrolled students automatically receive any current assignment created before they joined. Find additional details on this (as well as the new assignment workflow) here.


Q: Does a student’s PLAY Plus allocation stick with them even when they’re removed from one of their classes?


A: Yes! Let’s say a student is enrolled in two classes and has been allocated a PLAY Plus seat. When the student is removed from Class A, the student retains the PLAY Plus allocation in Class B, even if Class B is a free class. In this latter case, even though the student can’t receive premium assignments (since it’s a free class), the student can access premium content on their own. However, once a student is removed from all classes, their PLAY Plus seat is automatically deallocated.


Q: Are organization Administrators and/or Teachers able to remove students from classes?


A: Yes. See Removing a student from a class for a detailed tutorial. 


Q: Can users join multiple organizations?


A: While we have plans to allow this in the future, this is currently not an option.


Q: Can students purchase PLAY Plus access on their own?


A: Yes. If a student does not have a PLAY Plus subscription, they are prompted to purchase one in their User Profile page. See Purchasing a PLAY Plus subscription for more information.