In Find Music, you can search through SmartMusic's online catalog to find and open SmartMusic titles.


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Step 1: navigate to the Find Music page.


To start exploring the SmartMusic catalog, select the Navigation Icon nav_icon_dashboard.png and choose Find Music.    




The Explore page appears. Here you can cycle through and select from our featured music using the left and right arrows. You can also select a genre, featured publisher, or category to see all titles related to that selection. 


If you have a specific search term in mind, enter it in the Open Or Assign Content search bar. This text-based search is capable of filtering by title, movement, composer, instrument, publisher, etc.




Step 2: filter options on the Search page. 


Select one of the options on the Explore page, type your search phrase into the search bar and click on the magnifying glass (or press ENTER), or select Search.


The Search page appears. Results are sorted by Title, InstrumentComposer, and Publisher. You can select Title, InstrumentComposer, or Publisher to sort the results alphabetically in ascending (A to Z) or descending (Z to A) order by that column.




Search results can be filtered by Categories, Genres, Instruments, or Difficulty under Filter.




Choose a Filter from one or more of the drop-down menus. You can add more than one instrument in the Instruments drop-down menu.


Results will be updated as soon as you select a Filter. To remove a filter, select the X on each filter or deselect the filter from each drop-down menu.





Step 3: select a title.


Click the name of a title. An Overview of the title appears. Click Movements to see a list of movements in the title or Details to display more information on the title. If you want to open the title, click Open. If you want to assign the title, click Assign.





Step 4: click on the Open button and select the movement and instrument.


After clicking Open or Assign, select the movement either from the drop-down menu or from the Movements list. After the movement is selected, use the Instrument drop-down menu to type or select an instrument.  




After both the movement and instrument have been selected, click Open. The title appears.


Finding and opening a pinned method book.


In SmartMusic your teacher can pin a method book to any class. Pinned method books can be found on your Dashboard under My Method Books.




Mouse over the method book and select Open.




The Opening A Method Book window appears. Select Cancel to return to your Dashboard. Choose your instrument and exercise by using the Filter Movement By Instrument and Movement drop-down menus and select Open. The exercise appears.