The class profile includes basic information that was entered when the class was created. 



Find your class profile.


To edit your class profile, log into SmartMusic at Select Classes at the top of the page. Then select Details for the appropriate class.




Or, access your class profile from your Gradebook. Once you have chosen a class, select Class Profile.





Edit your class profile.


Your class profile appears. Enter the updated information for Class Name, Teacher Display Name, or Last Date To Join This Class.


Editing the Class Name and Teacher Display Name will update that information for both Educators and Students. 


If your Last Date to Join This Class has passed, students will not be able to use your Class Code to enroll in the class. Enter a date in the future to allow students to enroll.


Select Update to finalize.




You can also change the Class Type. For more information see Upgrading or downgrading a class.