As the school year comes to a close follow the instructions here to make sure you are set up to start the next term with your best foot forward.




Export Gradebook data


Make sure that you have records of your students’ grades by exporting your Gradebook data for each of your classes. See Exporting Gradebook data for instructions.





Archive Classes


Archive all classes from the term that is ending.




There are a number of benefits to archiving classes at the end of term. The first being to simply clean up your Gradebook and Classes page. Once archived, a class will be hidden from your Active class list, but can still be viewed under your Archived classes.


Archiving a class will also automatically deallocate any paid student seats, assuming the student is not also enrolled in another premium class. This means you will not have to worry about individually removing seats from students who are graduating or leaving the program.


Before you archive a class make sure you have finalized all grades. While you can still view grades and even listen to your students’ recordings, it is not possible to edit grades once you have archived the class.


Take a look at our Archiving a class article for instructions and details on how to find information about your archived classes.



Review Educator List


Take some time at the end of the year to make sure all the educators in your program have the access that they need. Is anyone retiring or leaving the school? Do you have new teachers coming on in the fall?


See Allocating and deallocating seats for instructions on how to manage Educator access in SmartMusic. If you need to purchase additional Educator seats please contact our Sales team.



Create Classes


Does your school have summer music programs to encourage practice, are you already prepping for band camp, or do you simply want to get a jump start on next term? Set up classes early so that you and your students are all set with the SmartMusic access they need. See Creating a class for a reminder of how that process works.



Enroll students


Once you have created your new classes, enroll your students.


Students who have been in previous SmartMusic classes, archived or active, can easily be added to your new classes. See Enrolling previous students into your class for instructions.




Provide your Class Code to any new students who have not yet connected to SmartMusic. You can even use our Email Template to ease the process.




New students follow the process in our Creating an account and joining a class article. You may want to make sure that both students and parents have that article to help them through the process.



Set up a Grading Calendar & a Grading Scale


Your new classes need a Grading Calendar. See Creating or using an existing Grading Calendar to set up the Grading Periods for the new term and reuse that Grading Calendar for other classes.




Setting up a Grading Scale is optional, but can be helpful to both you and your students. A Grading Scale is used to match grade names (A-, B, etc.) to a point percentage. When you grade SmartMusic assignments, the percentage of points achieved by a student is calculated, and then the corresponding grade label that you’ve specified for that percentage within the Grading Scale is applied. Students reviewing their graded assignments see an overall grade from your Grading Scale for their individual assignments.


You can create a new Grading Scale for the new year or reuse the scale you had in place last year. See Creating or using an existing Grading Scale for instructions.





Build Units


Units are groups of assignments that can be given to your students en masse. Units are saved on your SmartMusic platform, meaning that they are a resource you can rely on from year to year. Take the time to set up your Units now, so that you can have a hassle free assignment process for this year and for years to come.


See Creating and managing units for instructions.





Schedule Assignments


Once you have created Assignments and organized them into Units, you can schedule when your students will receive access to those assignments.


Take a look at our Assignment creation article for instructions on how to choose a date in the future for students to receive each assignment.