Connect your account to each of your SmartMusic school platforms and navigate between them to accomplish essential tasks. If you need to create your account and connect to your initial SmartMusic platform follow the instructions in Getting started in the new SmartMusic as an Administrator or Getting started in the new SmartMusic as an Educator.


When working at multiple schools you have the ability to connect a singular SmartMusic account to each school's SmartMusic platform.  On each different platform you have the ability to connect either as an Administrator/Educator or a Student. It is not possible to connect as both an Administrator/Educator and a Student on the same platform.


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Connect as an Administrator or an Educator



If you are the designated SmartMusic platform owner you receive an email with the subject line Your SmartMusic platform is ready. If you are not the SmartMusic platform owner, but have been invited as an Administrator or an Educator, you receive a Connect to your SmartMusic Organization email. Either way, take the same steps to connect to your new SmartMusic platform.


Open the email invite from your email inbox. If you did not receive an email invite, please check out this article for help.


Select ACCEPT INVITE to connect your account to the new platform in the role of Administrator or Educator.




The  Log In page appears. Log into your existing SmartMusic account.




A confirmation page appears and you are redirected to your Platform Details page.





Connect as a Student


If you are connected to a SmartMusic platform as an Administrator or an Educator you can connect to other SmartMusic platforms as a Student. To enroll in a class on your new platform you will need to receive a Class Code from your teacher. 


Once you have the Class Code follow the instructions in Joining a class with an existing account to enroll as a Student.


After completing those steps you will be connected to your original platform as an Administrator or an Educator and connected to the new platform as a Student.



Navigating between SmartMusic platforms


When logging into your SmartMusic account your default platform will always open first. Select the Navigation Icon nav_icon_dashboard.png and choose Admin. Select the desired platform from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Turn On the This Is Your Default Platform option to choose the current school as the default platform.