To edit your user profile information in SmartMusic, log in to The User Profile page appears. Or, access the User Profile page from any page by selecting the User Icon and choosing My Profile.




To update your Username or Email Address, select the pencil icon to the right of the current Username or Email Address. Select the pencil icon for Recovery Email to edit or add a Recovery Email address. When a password reset is requested, the password reset email is sent to both the Primary Email address and the Recovery Email address. The Recovery Email address allows you to reset your password if you no longer have access to your Primary Email address.




To update your password, select Update Password. After any edits are made to your information, select Update to save your changes.




If you are connected to more than one SmartMusic platform you can edit your default platform from your User Profile. The default platform will always appear first when you log into your account. To change your default platform, choose the correct platform from the drop-down menu, then select On.





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