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Before recording a take in MakeMusic Cloud, you first need to perform a microphone calibration to ensure the accuracy of your assessment score. If the microphone calibration continues to fail, even while your headphones are disconnected and you are hearing the calibration tone, it is possible that your microphone is either disabled, or turned too far down in your system settings. 


To check your microphone settings, right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of your screen and choose Recording Devices


  • In the resulting window, if your microphone is listed as disabled, right click on the microphone, and choose Enable.
  • If not already selected, also click Set as Default Device

  • Next, right click the microphone and choose Properties
  • In the next window, select the Levels tab.
  • Turn up the microphone level, click OK and try the mic calibration again.
  • If the microphone is already turned all the way up, turn Microphone Boost half way up.


If you continue to have trouble with the microphone calibration, make sure your microphone is correctly configured in your Chrome browser


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