When practicing in SmartMusic the Tuner, Metronome, and Loop functions can help you improve your performance and assessment.





You can access the tuner from within any title in SmartMusic. The tuner is located under the Assessment tab. Select tuner_button.png.




The Tune Your Instrument dialog box appears. The tuner, your instrument, the Concert Pitch of the note being played, the Transposed note (if you are playing a transposing instrument), and cents of the tuning pitch are displayed. Play your instrument or sing a pitch. The dial reacts to the pitch you are playing and shows if you are flat, in tune, or sharp. When you are finished, click Done






When you open any title in Smartmusic, you have the ability to practice with or without the metronome. You can adjust tempo and number of metronome count-off beats by clicking on the + or - buttons next to Tempo and Count-off, respectively. To adjust the volume use the slider below Metronome. Select Subdivisions to hear the metronome add subdivisions. Note: your teacher might require a specific tempo for an assignment.




Use the metronome as a standalone feature by selecting the speaker icons below Accompaniment and My Part. When both are muted only the metronome will play.




When you run into a tricky section while practicing, try using the Loop function. This allows you to focus in and repeat a section of your choosing until you feel more confident. 


Click within a measure and select the playback button to start playback from that measure. If you'd like to loop a region, choose Loop and click Set. The Start and Stop points appear on the barlines of the currently selected measure. Select and drag the start and stop points to adjust the region you are looping. Click the playback button to playback your looped region. By default, Use Count-Off Between Loops is selected. Deselect this option if you would like the loop to start automatically, without interruption. Click Clear to deselect the looped region and disable looping.