Students can view Pending, Late, Reassigned, and Graded assignment on the Dashboard or view all assignments in the Gradebook.




View late assignments


The first deck on the Student Dashboard is My Late Assignments. Assignments on this deck have passed their due date, but are still able to be submitted. Assignments appear from most overdue to least. Hover over any title and select Play to complete the late assignment. See Completing an assignment for more information.





View reassigned assignments


The second deck on the Student Dashboard is My Reassigned Assignments. Assignments on this deck were submitted by a Student and have now been reassigned by an Educator. See Retaking an assignment for more information on how Students complete reassigned assignments.





View pending assignments


The third deck on the Student Dashboard is My Pending Assignments. Current assignments that need to be completed appear on this deck. Assignment appear in chronological order, meaning the assignment due soonest will appear first. See Completing an assignment for instructions on how Students open and complete pending assignments.





View graded assignments


The fourth deck on the Student Dashboard is My Graded Assignments. Hover over any title and select Review to view the Student's grading details and any comments made by the Educator connected to the class.





View all assignments


To see all of a Student's assignments, regardless of status, select See all on any deck or select the Navigation Icon  nav_icon_dashboard.png and choose Gradebook




The Classes page appears. Select any class to see the full assignment list.




The Assignments page appears. Sort the assignment list by Status. Select any assignment to view details or complete pending, late, or reassigned assignments.