You have just renewed your platform, here are the items to check to make sure your platform is setup and ready to go:


Access Type


Make sure your Access Type is set to Full. If your platform expired, it automatically sets the Access type to Free and prevents you from accessing the full SmartMusic library. Take a look at Converting from a free account to a paid account for more information.




Class Access


The Class Access is automatically set to Free as well. Change the Class Access to Basic or Standard to upgrade the entire class to the necessary access. View the article Editing class access for more information.




You must have active Basic, Standard, or Premium student seats to upgrade the class. Contact our Sales team to purchase student seats.


Allocate Premium Seats


After renewing your platform, you'll want to allocate your Premium Seats to your students. Take a look at the article Allocating and deallocating seats for details on this process.