If you have not connected to your platform, please take a look at our Getting Started articles for an Admin or an Educator


A Full Access Trial allows you to try out Full Access to our library as an educator, as well as enroll students with Basic or Standard Access. See our Managing SmartMusic access article for more information about the different access levels.


Follow the steps below to start a 30-day Full Access Trial for your educator account:


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Step 1: start your trial.


To start your trial, select Begin Trial. 




Then select Start Trial.




Once your trial has begun, you can see how much time is left in your trial. This can only be seen in the Admin section of SmartMusic, at the top of the page.





Step 2: create a class.


To unlock all the features SmartMusic has to offer, a class needs to be created. Take a look at our Creating a class article for more information.




After your class has been created, add a Grading Calendar and a Grading Scale to finish setting up your class. 



Step 3: enroll students in your class.


Once your class is setup, you are ready to enroll students into it. Check out our article Adding students to your class to learn how.





Step 4: create and assign assignments.


Create assignments from any repertoire found in the SmartMusic under Find Music. See the article Assignment creation for more information. You must have students enrolled in your class to assign an assignment.




Due dates on assignments must be within the trial period, any date past the end of your trial date will be grayed out in the calendar. Allowing late submissions will not be an available option during the trial.