In SmartMusic any content you import or create in Compose and Sight Reading Builder is stored in the Content Manager. The Content Manager allows you to organize all your imports into selection folders and makes it easier to find music that you'd like to edit, open, assign, or delete.



Jump to:





Select the Navigation Icon nav_icon_dashboard.png and choose Content Manager.




Or, select Manage created content to access the Content Manager.





Creating a Selection.


To organize your content select add_selection_button.png next to Selections. A folder under Selections appears.




Enter in a name for your selections folder and select save_selection_name.png to save the name.




Add content to the selection folder by selecting the folder under Selections and selecting add_content_to_selection_button.png next to the content you are adding.




A selection folder and the content that is inside the folder can be renamed. Select Rename and enter in the new name.




Select  save_selection_name.png  to save your changes.




After adding content to a selection, they can be edited, opened, assigned, and deleted by selecting the corresponding buttons.




Content can be removed from a selection folder. Select the selection folder and select remove_content_button.png next to the title. This action puts the content back under Content Files.




Selection folders can be deleted. Select the selection folder you'd like to delete and select Delete selection.




A confirmation window appears. Select Delete to finish the process. If you delete a selection folder with content still in it, the content will not be deleted. You can find the content that was in the deleted folder under Content Files.






The Content Manager makes it really easy to find any music you want edit, open, assign, or delete. To find a specific title, select search_content_manager_buttonbutton.png next to Content Files and enter in the title you are searching for.




You can also sort your content by Name or the Date it was last updated.




Select the content you were searching for and from there you can choose to Edit, Open, Assign, or Delete the selected content.




If you select Delete, a confirmation message appears. Select Delete to complete the process.