An Administrator or an Educator can archive a class. When archiving a class, any Student's Basic or Standard seat is automatically deallocated (assuming the student is not also enrolled in another Basic or Standard class). If a student has a Premium seat and they are enrolled in no other class (free or premium), the Premium seat is automatically deallocated. No student owned Premium seats will be deallocated.




Archive a class


Log into your account at and select Classes. The Classes page appears. 




Select archive.png under the Archive Class column. 




The You are about to archive class dialog box appears and lists the ramifications of archiving a class. Select Cancel - Do Not Archive Class to return to the Classes page. Enter "ARCHIVE" into the text field and select Yes - Archive Class to complete the class archival. 




The class is removed from the Classes page and from the Select a Class drop-down menu in the Gradebook.



View archived classes


To view the classes that have been archived, select Archived




To view the grades and assignments for classes that have been archived, turn on Include Archived Classes in your Gradebook




Classes that have been archived appear below the list of Active classes




Select a class. The assignments, grades, and students from the archived class appear. Because all students within an archived class are automatically archived, the student names appear in italics to indicate that they are inactive.