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Students can enroll in a class using the following methods:


Rostering from your LMS

Google Classroom

1. Go to Classes - Admin | MakeMusic Cloud

2. Click on the class you would like to import students into

Click on the class you would like to import students into

3. Click on Add students

Click on Add students

4. Click on Import students

Click on Import students

5. Click on Sign in with Google

Click on Sign in with Google

6. Select the Google account that is associated with your Google Classroom

Select the Google account that is associated with your Google Classroom

7. Click "Allow"

Click "Allow"

8. Click "Select a class"

Click "Select a class"

9. Click on the desired Google Classroom roster

Click on the desired Google Classroom roster

10. Click on Invite Students

Click on Invite Students

11. Click on Invited to view the list of students who were invited*

Click on Invited to view the list of students you just imported


*If you had any students who were automatically added, they won't appear under the Invited tab; these students will be listed under the Active tab instead.


Students that were previously enrolled in a class in your platform will be added to this class automatically. Students who have not been members in your platform before will be invited to join and can accept their invitation the next time they log into MakeMusic Cloud.


If the students you invite do not have MakeMusic Cloud accounts yet, they should log into MakeMusic Cloud through Google SSO (by clicking the Sign in with Google button at https://home.smartmusic.com), finish creating their account, and then they will be able to accept their invitation.


Before rostering your students, you will need to set up the connection between your LMS and your MakeMusic Cloud platform. If you have not previously set up your LMS to enable single sign-on, reference these instructions for Schoology or Canvas.


Any organizations that set up their Canvas SSO configuration prior to December 2022 will need to have their Canvas Admin update a property on the configuration to be able to use Rostering from Canvas.

  1. As a Canvas admin, go to Admin > Developer Keys, and click the pencil icon on the Developer Key previously created for MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic).
  2. Expand the LTI Advantage Services section and toggle on Can retrieve user data associated with the context the tool is installed in. Then click Save.


To roster your students from your Canvas or Schoology classroom, first log into your LMS and launch MakeMusic Cloud from the class you want to connect with. This will give you the correct permissions needed to access your class roster. 


Once in MakeMusic Cloud, select the class you want to add students to from your Classes list. Click the Add students button, and if you logged into MakeMusic Cloud through Single Sign-On through Canvas or Schoology, the button to select that platform will be enabled. Click Select to review the class roster you are currently connected to, and click Invite to send invitations to the students that are not already members of your class.


Note: If any students in your Canvas or Schoology class do not have an email address configured, we will not be able to invite them through Rostering. They can either update their LMS account to have their email address before you send invitations, or they can join your class by class code.


Updating your class roster

At any time in the year, if your LMS roster has new students added that are not yet in your class in MakeMusic Cloud, you can open your Class Details page from your Classes list and select Add Students > Update students to get the latest roster information from your LMS class and invite any students who are not currently active students in your class in MakeMusic Cloud. You can also use Update students to re-send invitations to any students who have accidentally declined their invitation, as long as they are still members of your LMS roster.


Join with Class Code

Step 1: find the class code.


Go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/ and log in. Select Classes. A list of existing classes appears. The class code is under the Class Code column, next to the Class Name. Select mceclip1.png to copy this code. 




The Class Code can also be found by selecting the class in the Class Name column, taking you to the Class Details page. Select mceclip0.png Copy to copy this code.




Step 2: send students the class code.


Send an email to the Students with the copied Class Code, or click the Add students button and select Use e-mail template.




An email template appears. Select Copy To Clipboard to use the provided text in an email for the Students. Select Back To Class to return to the Class Details page.




Step 3: join the class. 


To join the class, Students need to go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join, enter an email address, class code and select Find your Class.




To see the full enrollment and Student account creation process check out Creating an account and joining a class. Or, take a look at Joining a class with an existing account for Students enrolling in multiple classes.


Step 4 (Optional): ask students to add a backup email.


When creating an account or editing a user profile, Students have the option to add a backup email. If a Student cannot receive emails from MakeMusic Cloud, but needs to reset their password, they can send a password reset email to their backup email address. When they reset their password on the login page, the password reset email is sent to both their primary email address and their backup email address.


If you'd like the option to change your Students' account passwords for them, you can ask your students to add your own email address in the Backup Email field when they create their accounts.


Enrolling allocated students and self-paid Performer students in the same class.


Students who have been allocated a seat on your platform and students who have purchased their own Performer subscription can be enrolled in the same class. However, you'll need to go through a few steps to do so.

  1. Create two classes, one School-Funded and the other Student-Funded.
  2. Enroll the students to whom you plan to allocate a platform-paid seat into the School-Funded class.
  3. Enroll the students that need to purchase a Performer subscription into the Student-Funded class. When the students begin to enroll, they will be asked to purchase their subscription.
  4. Enroll the students from the Student-Funded class into the School-Funded class, either by sending out the class code to your self-paid Performer students or by Enrolling Previous Students.




After your Students join your class, you need to set up your Grading Calendar for your class. Once that is finished, you can create assignments and grade them.

Enroll Previous Students

If you have students from a prior class that you would like to add to your new class, follow the instructions for Enrolling Previous Students.


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