Create a grading rubric in SmartMusic to give your students specific and details feedback on assignments. When creating an assignment in SmartMusic, you can build a grading rubric on the Create Your Rubric page.


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Assessment Grade.


To use SmartMusic to automatically provide an assessment grade for each student, mouse over the Assessment Grade criterion and select Add To Rubric.




Once the Assessment Grade criterion has been added, the Grade This Assignment Automatically checkbox appears. This option is available when an assignment is only being graded on the Assessment Grade criterion. When Grade This Assignment Automatically is selected, the assignment is automatically graded according to the computer-based assignment score. This grade appears immediately in the Gradebook. When an assignment is past due, it is automatically graded as a zero. You can modify the grade at any time in the Gradebook. Automatically graded assignments do not appear on under Assignment To Be Graded on your Dashboard, as they do not need to be graded.


When Grade This Assignment Automatically is deselected, an assessment grade is still automatically generated but you'll need to follow the steps in the Grading article to confirm the grade.





Create a criterion.


Additional criteria can be added to grade an assignment like Recording, Dynamics, and Articulations. New criteria are not automatically assessed but the grading criteria are customizable. To create new criteria that can be added to the rubric for this and future assignments, select criterion_plus.png. A description appears. Add the criterion title and the description of what the student is being rated on for that criterion.  




You can also add multiple levels to a criterion. Select Multiple to create a multi-level criterion. Each level awards a percentage of the total points for that criterion. After you fill out the information for one level, Select Add New Level to add another.




Once you are satisfied with your criterion's description, select Save Criterion to save your changes.


Edit a criterion.


To change an existing criterion, mouse over the criterion under the My Criteria column and select edit_criterion_button.png.  




When you are finished building your grading rubric, enter the number of points possible for each criterion you've added to your rubric. The points are automatically totaled. Select new_next_button.png when finished.


Delete a criterion.


To delete an existing criterion, mouse over the criterion under the My Criteria column and select  delete_criterion_button.png to permanently remove the criterion. Any previous assignment that included the deleted criterion will be unaffected.







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