If you run into issues using SmartMusic on an iPad there are several basic troubleshooting strategies that you can employ. 



Check available memory


Open the Settings app on the iPad. Select General>Storage & iCloud Usage to view the available memory. If there is less than 1.5 GB available try removing unused apps or downloads. 



Remove any extra takes


Delete takes that you know will not be submitted. This will free up some resources and allow SmartMusic to function smoothly. To delete the take select the My Takes tab. Choose the unwanted take from the drop down menu and select the Delete button.



Log out and log back into the account


Select Log Out in the upper right hand corner of the application. The Log in page appears. Enter your username or email address and password to log back into SmartMusic. Check to see if your issues has been resolved



Fully close and reopen the SmartMusic application


To fully close SmartMusic double-press the home button on your iPad. Recently used apps appear. Locate the SmartMusic preview in the recently used apps by swiping left and right. If SmartMusic was the most recent active application, it will be the first you see. Swipe up on the SmartMusic preview, it disappears and the application closes.


Press the home button once to exit recently used apps. Tap on the SmartMusic icon on your home screen to reopen the SmartMusic app and see if your issue has been resolved.



Restart the iPad


Press and hold the top or side button on your iPad until the slider appears on screen. Swipe the slider to turn your iPad off. Once the device is fully shut down press and hold the top or side button again to turn the iPad back on. Once restarted tap the SmartMusic icon to reopen SmartMusic and see if your issue has been resolved.