We are excited to announce that SmartMusic has a new name: MakeMusic Cloud. Learn more here.
You may continue to notice references to SmartMusic while we actively work to update our support resources.
Looking for Finale or Garritan support? Please contact us here instead.


If you encounter issues using MakeMusic Cloud on Windows, Mac, or a Chromebook, there are basic troubleshooting strategies that you can utilize. 


Make sure Google Chrome is up-to-date


Update your Google Chrome browser by following these instructions. If you are using a Chromebook, you can update by following these instructions instead. MakeMusic Cloud requires the latest version of the Google Chrome browser or Chrome OS to run in a satisfactory manner.


Clear the web cache in Google Chrome


To clear the web cache in Google Chrome, follow these instructions. Clearing the cache will remove any corrupted data and free up space in Google Chrome.


Close all tabs but MakeMusic Cloud (Chromebooks)


Close every tab but MakeMusic Cloud to free up the resources on the Chromebook. This allows the Chromebook to function more smoothly with MakeMusic Cloud.




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