This school year we’ve redesigned both the teacher and performer Home pages. We based these changes on your feedback - including hands-on testing with teachers and students who use SmartMusic. Our goal was to make things more intuitive for everyone. Here, we'll break down some of the key differences you'll notice on your new homepage.


Teacher Home Page

Previously, assignments for multiple classes were combined in the same deck, as shown below. This could make it difficult to quickly determine to which class a submission belonged, and required you to navigate to your gradebook to view only a single class at a time.




The Teacher Home page is now sorted by class. Each class can be looked at in more detail by clicking one of the available options. Assignment notifications alert teachers about work that has been submitted and needs to be graded.


User interface



Student Home Page

In past years, the student home page would display late and reassigned assignments first, which could lead to students missing any newly assigned assignments.



The student homepage now shows the assignments students need to complete and what is due first. Students also get an overview of their graded assignments and retain quick access to the repertoire library and class method books.


User interface