Occasionally, when assigning a piece using the Perform Entire Piece option, the assignment may fail to open for students. If all of your students are unable to open a particular assignment, despite seeing all three progress bars showing 100% as shown below, then you may be encountering this known issue.




Since this affects assignments on an individual basis, you can work around this issue by deleting the existing assignment from your Gradebook, creating a new assignment template with the Custom Assignment option, and reassigning the new template.


  1. Delete the affected assignment from your Gradebook. (See Deleting an assignment)
  2. Select the Navigation Tool, ​​and choose Find Music.
  3. Search for the piece, and click the Assign button.
  4. In the Select an assignment type dropdown menu, choose Custom Assignment.
  5. Add general instructions here and continue to the next page for instrument-specific instructions. (Since the pre-defined Perform Entire Piece setting does not function correctly for this piece, the pre-defined instructions for that assignment type are not included.)
  6. Once the score appears on-screen, select Same Setup for All Parts.
  7. Confirm the FROM and TO parameters cover the entire piece.
  8. Proceed through the assigner screens to complete the process.



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