Favorite lists allow you to save and organize your frequently used music, either from the SmartMusic catalog or content you've created in Compose or Sight Reading Builder, for quick access from your dashboard. 



  1. Search our catalog to “Favorite” pieces you’d like to add to your Favorites List. You can click the heart icon next to the title name. If a book has many titles like a solo collection, you can favorite or unfavorite all selections in the book to save clicks.


  1. Access your Favorites List by clicking on “Go to My Favorites” or the “My Favorites Tab” in the Search app.


  1. In the My Favorites Tab, you will see your list of Favorites, where you can open, remove, and assign if you are a Teacher.
  1. Drag mceclip0.png to reorder your Favorites List however you want. It will display on your homepage in this order for quicker access.


My Favorites is not limited to only published content. You can also create your own content through Compose and Sight Reading Builder. These compositions will show up in the “My Created Content” folder to easily add to the Favorites List.


Now, every time you log in you can access your favorite content right away from the Homepage.




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