There are several reasons why you would be unable to submit an assignment. Please select which option below that you’re experiencing to find more information.




No submit button

First, you must open assignments from the Home page. Opening the piece from another place, such as Find Music or a Chrome bookmark, opens the piece in practice mode and you cannot submit. To open an assignment:


          1. Click the Navigation Icon  and select Home.
          2. If you’re enrolled in a single class: Select the name of an assignment from the Assignments Due list.
          3. If you’re enrolled in multiple classes: Select a class name under Active Classes and then select an assignment from the Assignments Due list.


Second, once you’re in the Practice App, make sure to start the recording by selecting the red record button. The red record button will start the recording whereas the green play button will only playback the assignment.




Grayed out submission button

If you have a grayed out submission buttonmceclip0.png and there’s an exclamation mark in the red Record button , then the current playback settings no longer adhere to the assignment’s requirements (for example: tempo) and you won’t be able to submit the take. To reset playback settings:


          1. Click the red Record button.
          2. In the dialog box that appears, select Reset to assigned settings and continue recording.



 Upload has failed

If you are able to successfully record a take and select the Submit button but run into the error below, you’ll need to try a few troubleshooting steps and re-record the take.


An outdated Chrome browser and too much stored cache, could affect the performance of the program. Please try Updating Chrome and Clearing the Web Cache. After following these steps please try to submit the recording again.


If you’re still receiving the error, the internet connection may not be robust enough to send the audio file. If this is the case, we recommend these steps below:


          1. If you are using a WiFi network connection, try plugging your computer directly into your router/modem using an ethernet cable
          2. Move closer to your router/modem
          3. Close any other applications or tabs that could be impacting your network speed
          4. Temporarily disable any VPN services that may be running in the background.
          5. Disable any ad blocker running in Google Chrome.


If you still cannot submit assignments, ask if there is a Parental Control software on the device or network. We’ve seen previous cases where a Parental Control software prevents an audio file from sending in Chrome. In this event, MakeMusic Cloud Network Requirements contains a list of MakeMusic Cloud URLs to whitelist in the Parental Control program.




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