Who can print?

  • Teachers with any paid Teacher subscription (self-paid or school-funded)
  • Students with school-funded Premium student subscriptions
  • Students & Performers with self-paid Performer subscriptions
  • Printing is not currently available for:
    • Students with school-funded Standard student subscriptions
    • Teachers using a 30-day Teacher Trial
    • Any Free account


How can I subscribe to gain print access?

  • Anyone with a Free account can purchase subscriptions from their SmartMusic Account page.
  • Students with school-funded Standard subscriptions can purchase their own Performer subscription from their SmartMusic Account page or ask their teacher if school-funded Premium subscriptions are available on their school platform.
  • New school-funded platforms: Teachers & administrations can request quotes for Teacher and Premium Student subscriptions.
  • Existing school-funded platforms: Teachers or administrators can contact our SmartMusic Educator Sales team to add Premium subscriptions to their platform. The email tied to your platform is required in order to process these requests.


How do I find printable music?


How do I print?

  • Open a printable title from the Find Music page.
  • Once the practice app is open, click the Print menu † and select SmartMusic Display to print SmartMusic’s default view or Custom Display if you have changed the zoom level under the Display menu and would like to print that version.
  • SmartMusic generates a PDF and downloads it to your computer for you to open and print!

† If there is no Print menu, then the current piece is not available to be printed.

† If the Print menu appears in gray, then your account does not currently have print access and you need a subscription with print access.


What can I print?

  • You can print individual instrument/voice parts of pieces from the following consortium of music publishers:
    • Alfred Music
    • FJH Music Company
    • Neil A. Kjos Music Company
    • MakeMusic


Can I print multiple parts or pieces at once?

  • No, you can currently only print the current part of the current piece you are viewing within the SmartMusic practice app.



Can I print full scores or piano accompaniments?

  • No, we’re currently unable to provide full scores or piano accompaniments for either display or print within SmartMusic. Please contact the publisher of a specific piece or a sheet music retailer (such as JW Pepper) for options.


Can I share what I print?

  • Printed copies of published materials are authorized for use only by the account holder. No copying or distributing is allowed.


A piece I want can't be printed from SmartMusic. What are my options?

  • Please contact the publisher of a specific piece or a sheet music retailer (such as JW Pepper) for options.



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