Who can use Single Sign-On (SSO) in SmartMusic?

Members of Global Grid For Learning (GG4L) can use SSO in SmartMusic. We have partnered with GG4L to implement SSO with most Learning Management Systems (LMS) at no cost to schools. In order to access the feature, a school or district must be a GG4L member. GG4L offers two login paths: login via LMS or login via GG4L’s School Passport platform.


What is School Passport?

School Passport enables single sign-on access to SmartMusic via your GG4L federated access credentials (Google, Microsoft, or other). Customers who use School Passport can login using a "Login with School Passport" button on the SmartMusic login page.


How can I make sure I’m set up to use SSO?

To ensure that your school or district is set up properly, please have a member of your IT Department complete the Onboarding form today. Then, one of GG4L’s onboarding specialists will contact you via email to start the onboarding process.


What level of LMS integration do you offer?

Currently, we offer Single Sign-On integration only. Other LMS integration, such as rostering and grade transfer, is not available at this time. That said, we are taking our first steps with SSO, and we hope to offer further LMS integration down the road. If you would like to show your support for further integration, you may click Submit a Request above, and choose the Product Feedback/Feature Request(Not a support request) category.


Is my school’s LMS supported?

GG4L works with the following Learning Management Systems:

  • Google Classroom

  • Canvas

  • Schoology

  • Moodle

  • Sakai

  • D2L

  • Blackboard

Schools that are not using one of the LMS platforms listed above but are GG4L members can utilize GG4L’s standalone School Passport. Customers who use School Passport can login using a "Login with School Passport" button on the SmartMusic login page, or from their dedicated School Passport landing page from GG4L.


Why has SmartMusic partnered with Global Grid for Learning (GG4L)?

GG4L is a Public Benefit Corporation that offers EdTech solutions to schools at no cost, and you can read more about GG4L’s mission to support digital education solutions here. We have chosen to partner with GG4L because of the many benefits that GG4L offers to schools, including strong privacy and security practices, no-cost membership, and easy access to participating EdTech vendors. GG4L’s customer support also streamlines the onboarding process, which typically takes 2-3 days to complete.


Can we set up SSO without being a GG4L member?

No. At this time, we do not support other types of integrations outside of GG4L's services, such as Clever or ClassLink.


Where can I find more information?

  • For general questions, choose Submit A Request above to contact the SmartMusic Customer Support team.
  • For technical questions about onboarding with GG4L, contact GG4L directly at
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