We have identified a bug in the range of the contrabass (double bass, string bass) within the Sight-Reading Builder (SRB) of MakeMusic Cloud. While our developers work to correct this problem, we have created a workaround that will use the proper range for the contrabass.


The Issue

When creating an example in the SRB and choosing instrumentation either from Solo Instruments or Ensembles, the contrabass will use the Cello range by mistake. In some cases, this will not be a problem, but starting with Level 4 difficulty, the written cello range dips below of the written range of a four-string bass in standard orchestral tuning.


The Workaround

A temporary solution here is to choose Custom ensemble > Build from scratch.


Then you can select the Instrument Family > Instrument, and set the Full Staff and Abbreviated Staff names. You can add additional staves under the See More dropdown. Once finished, select Save ensemble setup and continue with the SRB settings. This will allow the proper contrabass range for these examples.


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    Austin W.

    9/30/2021 Update: This issue has been resolved. Any newly created Sight Reading Builder outlines that use Contrabass should have the correct instrument range by default.

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