To use SmartMusic within your school's network, your IT or network administrator must whitelist all required domains. See SmartMusic Network Requirements for our full list of required subdomains.


  1. From the top navigation bar select LMS App Center.


  1. On the pop-out window search for "SmartMusic" or type the keyword "smart".


  1. Click on the SmartMusic app icon to begin installation.


  1. Click Install LTI App.


  1. Select the course where you want the app to be installed. The app is added to the Add Materials section in your course.


  1. Navigate to the Add Materials section of your course and select SmartMusic.


  1. Select Submit from the pop-out window. SmartMusic is added as an External Tool to your course.


  1. Click SmartMusic to launch the program.


  1. Upon first login, you will be prompted to do one of two things:
    1. Create a new SmartMusic account:
    2. Convert your existing SmartMusic account to a Single Sign-On account:


**Adding SmartMusic to a Schoology course is only available for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) at this time. Please submit a request to our Request Submission Form if you're interested in seeing this feature at your school in the future.**


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