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Playlists in MakeMusic Cloud are designed to help you save, organize, and access titles from our Interactive and Digital Sheet Music libraries.


Creating a Playlist


There are three ways to create a playlist:


  1. From My Library, click New Playlist.


  1. From My Favorites or My Created Content, expand the menu (three dots) next to a title and click Add to playlist > Create New Playlist.



  1. From the Search page in the repertoire library, select a title and click the create_playlist_icon.png icon or the 3 dots next to a movement/exercise. You can then choose Create New Playlist or add the title to an existing playlist.


Adding Details to Your Playlist


Fill in each field to give your new playlist a custom name, cover image, author, and description.



Adding Titles to a Playlist


To add an individual title to your playlist:


  1. Search for content in the repertoire library.
  2. Expand a title to view the list of available movements..
  3. From the menu (three dots) next to a movement, click Add to Playlist.
  4. Select one or more available playlist(s), or Create a New Playlist.
  5. Click Confirm.



To add multiple titles at once to your playlist:


  1. Search for content in the repertoire library.
  2. Expand a title to view the list of available movements.
  3. Select the  new_playlist_icon.png icon in the top right-hand corner of the movement list.
  4. Select one or more existing playlists and click Select Titles, or click Create New Playlist.
  5. Select the titles you want to add (click the box in the top left-hand corner to select all).
  6. Click Add Titles to Playlist.



To add titles from within My Library, drag and drop titles from My Favorites, My Created Content, or other Playlists!



Additional Features:

  • Customize the order within a playlist
  • Sort through your playlist
  • Expand and collapse view
  • Assign and play directly from the playlist
  • Sharing playlists with others


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