When importing a MusicXML file to Compose for use in MakeMusic Cloud (see Importing your own music into MakeMusic Cloud), it is best to use the latest version of MusicXML that your music notation program supports. MusicXML 4.0 offers improvements over previous versions and will yield the best results in MakeMusic Cloud, although MIDI files, SMZ files, and earlier MusicXML versions can also be imported to MakeMusic Cloud.


Finale (starting with v27) and Sibelius | Ultimate (starting with 2019.5) both support MusicXML 4.0 export.


Finale v27 supports MusicXML 4.0 natively and allows you to upload your music to MakeMusic Cloud and share it with others without leaving Finale. See Sharing Music (Windows / Mac) in the Finale user manual for details. Alternatively, you can export a MusicXML file from Finale by choosing File > Export > MusicXML. You can ensure exported MusicXML files use version 4.0 from the MusicXML Preferences dialog box (Windows / Mac):

  1. Open Finale.
  2. Choose File > Export > MusicXML Preferences.
  3. Under Export MusicXML, select MusicXML 4.0. Click OK.


Sibelius | Ultimate supports MusicXML 4.0 via the Dolet® 8 Plugin, which can be downloaded here for Mac and here for Windows.


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