Playlists FAQ

  • Who can create a playlist?

Anyone with a MakeMusic Cloud account, whether a paid subscription or a free account, can create a playlist.

  • What happens when someone clicks on a Playlist sharing link?

When a user clicks on a Playlist sharing link, the user will be prompted to log into MakeMusic Cloud or Create an account. Once they are logged in, the playlist will automatically be stored in “My Library” in the Shared with Me section for Playlists.


  • How do I share my playlist with others?

Any Playlist can be shared by generating a Public Link. Locate the share icon, enable the Playlist to be public, and copy the link. For more details go here.

  • How can I track student’s usage through a playlist?

If you have a class set up, you can track your class’s usage through the Practice Analysis. This will allow you to see what content your students are opening and playing outside of assignments by viewing the “Explored Content” tab.  

If you have created your own content using Compose or Sight Reading Builder, you can monitor how many opens and plays your content is receiving as well. Within the Content Manager, click on the content you have shared with your students and you will see the statistics.


  • What types of content can I add to a playlist?

Users can add any type of content to a playlist, but access to the pieces could be restricted based on subscription type or geographical restrictions. Free users can access any of our free Interactive or Digital titles as well as Compositions and Sight Reading Exercises. For users with paid subscriptions, they can access all of our library. To create Sight Reading Builder exercises, users will need a Teacher subscription.

  • Can I open all pieces at once from a playlist?

Only one title from a playlist can be opened at a time.

  • How can I unshare a playlist?

Click on the Share icon once again and toggle the Playlist sharing to “Off.” This will automatically remove the Playlist from any user’s “Shared with Me” list.

  • Why do I have to agree to the Terms of Service when sharing a playlist?

To ensure that users are complying with copyright laws and our terms of service, we require that a user accepts these terms and agree that they own or have secured the rights to the content before sharing they have created.

  • What does “Make Public” mean?

If users have their own compositions or Sight Reading Builder content in a public playlist, when they share that playlist they must make sure that the content is also publicly shared to users so they can access it within the Playlist.

  • What does “Region Blocked” mean?

Due to licensing restrictions, access to certain titles in the repertoire library are restricted to specific territories. If a title is region blocked, this means that the title is not available in your region. Click here for more information.

  • Where can I find premade playlists?

Coming soon!


  • What if I delete or unshare a playlist that I have shared with others?

If you delete or unshare a playlist after sharing it with other users, that playlist will be removed from all users’ “Shared with Me” libraries.

  • What if I edit the playlist details, the title ordering, remove or add content to a playlist that I have shared with others?

Any changes made to a playlist after being shared will be reflected for all recipients of the playlist immediately.

  • Can anyone access the content in my playlist?

If a user allows their Playlist to be public and then shares the link, any user that accesses this link and has an account with MakeMusic Cloud will be able to see the list content within the Playlist. A user will need a paid subscription to have full access to our catalog. However, there are many Free options available in our catalog, content created through Compose, and Sight Reading Builder exercises.

  • Why did a playlist disappear from my “Shared with Me” section?

If a playlist disappears from your “Shared with Me” section, this means that the owner of the playlist either unshared the playlist or deleted it from their content library.

  • Why do I need a subscription to open some pieces within a playlist?

Not all of our repertoire is available with a Free account. Some content will need to have a paid subscription to open all pieces. Read more on MakeMusic Cloud pricing.

  • How can I assign a playlist?

Send a Playlist link through an email or LMS for students to practice.
Within the Playlist, click on the Assign icon to create an assignment with grading tools.

  • Why can I only add 50 items to a Playlist?

We determined that a limit of 50 playlist items would ensure fast performance while still providing enough flexibility for users to curate a focused list of music.

  • Why can’t I add certain pieces to a Playlist?

If the piece is already in the playlist, it does not allow a user to add it more than once.
If the content was created by another user, it cannot be added to other playlists
The playlist is full.

  • How is 'My Favorites' different from 'My Playlists?

My Favorites is a complete list of titles saved by clicking the heart icon, whereas playlists are specific lists that you can curate, organize, and share with others.

  • Can I duplicate a Playlist?

We do not have a feature that allows users to duplicate the playlist. However, users can add content from a shared playlist into a Playlist they own.

  • Can more than one user collaborate on a Playlist

Only the Playlist creator has access to edit the Playlist.


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