Follow these instructions to connect your organization's MakeMusic Cloud platform with Canvas in order to use single sign-on and rostering.



Note: To use MakeMusic Cloud within your school's network, your IT or network administrator must whitelist all required domains. See MakeMusic Cloud Network Requirements for our full list of required subdomains.


Admin Instructions

Someone with Admin access in Canvas must complete these instructions one time for their entire organization and then share the newly-created Client ID with every teacher using MakeMusic Cloud before teachers can complete their instructions below.

  1. Open Canvas Admin and select your organization from the list.

  2. Open the navigation menu and select Developer Keys from the menu.

  3. Click + Developer Key from the top right of the screen, then select + LTI Key.

  4. In the Key Settings window, enter the following:
    Key Name: “MakeMusic Cloud”
    Owner Email: [email address of the Canvas admin]

  5. Choose Enter URL from the Method dropdown menu.

  6. In the JSON URL box, type or paste the following URL:

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page. A Client ID will appear in the Developer Keys page.

  8. Return to the Developer Keys page (if you were not redirected there automatically) and toggle the slider button to On next to your new key.

  9. Since Client IDs are only accessible to Canvas Admins, share this Client ID with all instructor roles in your organization who will be connecting MakeMusic Cloud to their Canvas accounts. The Client ID is the number above the Show Key button next to your newly created Developer Key.


Teacher Instructions

You will need the MakeMusic Cloud Client ID created by the Canvas Admin in your organization that completed the instructions above. Any Canvas Admin with Developer Key Permissions can view this key and share.

Steps 1-3 only need to be performed one time for any MakeMusic Cloud platforms using this Client ID. If multiple schools using MakeMusic Cloud have the same Canvas Client ID (potentially due to being part of the same school district) only one teacher with an active MakeMusic Cloud teacher subscription will need to enter this Canvas Client ID for all individual platforms to be connected. We recommend you establish one contact to add the Canvas Client ID and advise all other teachers that while their Canvas Client ID box may be blank, they will still be connected and should move on to steps 4-10.


  1. Keeping your Client ID accessible, login to your MakeMusic Cloud account and navigate to Admin.

  2. Click Settings in the Canvas tile.

  3. Type the Client ID from Canvas into the appropriate box.

Steps 4-10 must be performed by every teacher using MakeMusic Cloud with Canvas.


  1. Open one of your Canvas courses and choose Settings from the navigation menu.

  2. Click on the Apps page at the top of your Course Settings and then the View App Configurations button at the top right.

  3. Click + App.

  4. In the Configuration Type dropdown menu, select By Client ID.

  5. Type or paste the Client ID into the Client ID textbox and click the Submit button.

  6. Click the Install button in the next window. The app will be installed to your Canvas course.

  7. Repeat steps 4-10 for each Canvas course on which they want the app available.


Student Instructions

  1. Log in to Canvas. Click on the MakeMusic Cloud link from your Course menu.


  2. Upon first login, you will be prompted to do one of two things:
    • Either create a new MakeMusic Cloud account:

    • or convert your existing MakeMusic Cloud account to a Single Sign-On account:
  3. Once you are logged in, you can access the class if your teacher has enrolled you already.  Alternatively, you can utilize a MakeMusic Cloud class code from your teacher to join the appropriate class.


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