I know there have been a few threads regarding general quality of recordings here, but I haven't seen many that talk about the specific issue I am seeing with one of my students.


When he records in SmartMusic, the sound comes back as unrecognizable digitized garbage. It won't even register that he is playing correct rhythms because the sound is so distorted. The closest word I can think of to describe it is pixelated.


Over the last 7 or so months, this student has tried different recording setups in regards to distance from mics and different rooms, he's also tried multiple devices and their corresponding internal mics, multiple external mics with the devices that will take them, and even tried using a different Wifi source with as many devices as made sense, all with the same result.


We have double checked to make sure the browser/platform has chosen the correct microphone, and tweaked as many settings as we can find regarding input levels and toggles as we can find. All of these devices and mics work without any issues when recording into any other application or platform.


Has anyone else encountered this and found the magic cure to it? I have not encountered this exact issue with any other student in my program.


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