Is there a way to organize the Units by alphabetical or numerical number or put them in categories. They default to organized by date the assignments were made and when you have a whole bunch of assignment templates or units, it is hard to find them. Or it would be nice to have a "search" by name etc. on the Units or Assignment page so you can find them easier.

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    Lorrina Allred

    I just noticed on the Content Manager page, you can both search for your selection by name or date.  In addition, you can reorganize them in order of date made (from old to new or vice versa). You can also reorganize them by name in alphabetical order or vice versa.  It would be SUPER AWESOME  if this same feature were on the Units and Assignments page.  Right up at the top of the list, have the Q search as well as the arrow to reorganize them.  I can't remember when I created a Unit or an assignment, but I can remember the name or at least part of the name if the Q search would even pick that out.  For example if an assignment was named Good King Rocks Beg. Band and I put "King" in the search, it would find all the assignments with this word in it. 

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