It would be great if SmartMusic would track not only the specific playing time but also the amount of time a student is logged into smartmusic. I find that many of my kids practice a piece before pressing record.

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    Christopher Carl

    It would be nice if we could assign a PRACTICE LOG of required minutes in SMARTMusic like we could in the Classic version!

    My students do not use SM at all until the assignment is due (or a day before)...there is not "practicing" going on with it.

    Turning into a big waste of money for my district.  The 'Classic" practice log (with required minutes) would be great.

    The data and analysis is nice, but it need to be an assignment where it logs the MINUTES per (time period) for us!


    ...and I agree - if they showed the TIME spent on the assignment when it was submitted....That would be great too....LIKE THEY USED TO IN CLASSIC!

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