• The new Sight Reading Builder has been released. You can create assignments based on the Sight Reading templates you customize. If students retry or reload the assignment they will receive a new exercise based on the template you assigned. Take a look at the article Setting up your score to learn more.

  • The Compose notation tool has come out of beta. Create and import content using the Compose notation tool. Any content that has been created or uploaded can be assigned to your students. Learn more about Compose by viewing the Quick User Guide and importing music by taking a look at the article Importing your own music into SmartMusic.

  • Content Manager has replaced uploaded books. Any content that has been imported or created in Compose or Sight Reading Builder is stored in the Content Manager. You can organize, assign, view, and edit your content from here as well. View our article Organizing music in the Content Manager for more information.

  • The navigation menu has been redesigned with new icons. Use the navigation menu that appears on each page in SmartMusic to effortlessly move to each page.


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